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Rings Wholesale

ring, basically is defined as a circular band worn on a finger. It has a deeper meaning in so many cultures and countries though.

Traveling in history, we see that the meaning of an ancient ring was so much different than today. In Ancient Egypt, it was believed that a circle was the symbol of eternity. The couples were exchanging rings on their wedding day and the rings were used to be worn on the ring finger of the left hand. In modern times, it was discovered that the left ring finger had a vein which directly runs to the heart, explaining the tradition.

As the time approaches to the milestone, the attached meaning of a ring, seems far from romance. The rings started to be given by the groom to the bride, as a symbol of ownership and a reminder of her legal binding to him.

After the discovery of the diamond sources in South Africa, the engagement rings became the commercial products symbolizing love and the romantic binding between the two.

There are several types and designs of rings with diamonds and gemstones, like the Solitaire, the Three-Stone, the Eternity (the Infinity), the Pavé and the Halo. The differences between these, are the numbers, the arrangements and the settings of the gems.

These styles are typically, made in gold and diamonds, however the silver engagement rings are the leading line of the silver jewelry sector. On silver Rings, diamond is replaced by CZ, Cubic Zirconia, which is the best simulant for diamond with its sparkling and dazzling performance.

Other than the engagement rings, plain stackable rings and Eternity CZ rings are also among the products we manufacture.

Just Outs has a wide range of rings, manufactured in Turkey and wholesaled worldwide on As well as the other products of ours, the Turkish silver rings are also, offered in individual and bundled pack options with best prices and high discount rates.