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Pendants Wholesale

A Pendant is an ornament suspended from a chain, a string or leather, usually worn on the neck. The pendant is allowed to hang free thus has a slight movement. The chain and the pendant are collectively named a necklace.

chain can be used on its own as a necklace, however, pairing it with a pendant gives a fancy and eye-catching look.

Pendants are a staple in symbol jewelry, by their appropriate volumes and surface areas which make it possible to place symbols and figures on them.

Many options of the chain lengths help the wearer decide which spot on the neck is the best placement for a pendant.

14” (35.5 cm) – A Collar, is worn tightly around the neck and usually pairs with a tiny pendant.

16” (41 cm) – A Choker, is worn tightly against the base of throat and the matching pendant sizes vary from tiny to small.

18” (46 cm) – A Princess, is worn on the collarbone usually with a small-medium sized pendant.

20”-24” (51 cm – 61 cm) – A Matinee, is worn between the collarbone and the bust and can be paired with any pendant of all the sizes from tiny to extra-large.

28”-36” (71 cm – 91 cm) – An Opera, is worn on the bust or a little more below and usually pairs with a large pendant.

36”-42” (91 cm – 107 cm) – A rope, is worn wrapped to sit on the throat, collarbone or the center of the bust and can be complemented with different sized pendants.

Not surprisingly, men have fewer options for wearing a pendant. The lengths vary between 20”-24” (51 cm – 61 cm) and the placements are limited between the collarbone and above the breastbone.

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