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Necklaces Wholesale

chain, with a suspending pendant is usually called a necklace, yet it does not have to be a chain on a Necklace, it can be a string, a strip of leather, even a long piece of clothing. Shortly, we can define a Necklace as a piece of jewelry or clothing worn around the neck for adornment. Because it is placed on an eye-catching spot of the body, regardless of its length, it draws the attention to the wearer.

It is highly important to choose the correct length for the best look. Just Outs, as a manufacturer and a wholesaler, offers many length options on The necklaces are named according to the lengths.

Collars are 14” (35.5 cm) long and worn tightly around the neck and usually pair with tiny pendants.

Chokers are 16” (41 cm) long and worn tightly against the base of throat and the matching pendant sizes vary from tiny to small.

Princesses are 18” (46 cm) long and worn on the collarbone usually with small-medium sized pendants.

Matinees are 20”-24” (51 cm – 61 cm) long and worn between the collarbone and the bust and can be paired with any pendant of all the sizes from tiny to extra-large.

Operas are 28”-36” (71 cm – 91 cm) long and are worn on the bust or a little more below and usually pair with large pendants.

Ropes are 36”-42” (91 cm – 107 cm) long and worn wrapped to sit on the throat, collarbone or the center of the bust and can be complemented with different sized pendants.

Men’s Necklaces vary between 20”-24” (51 cm – 61 cm) and are usually placed between the collarbone and above the breastbone.

Just Outs offers two purchasing options Turkish Silver Wholesale Necklaces: Individual design purchase (see the minimum order quantity requirements) and Necklace Bundles purchase.