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Charms Wholesale

Charms with clasps, are the must-haves on any kind of charm bracelets, regular or fancy. They are structurally similar to pendants; however, they have clasps which help hang the Charm onto the chain.

Just Outs manufactures Charms in the forms of various miniature figurines or norm shapes. The figurines are designed according to the natural or the caricatured shapes of the original live figures, such as; animals, people, babies, flowers, even food and drinks. Religious, inspirationalcelestial, romantic and even superstitious symbolic Charms are also designed and manufactured by Just Outs in Turkey.

We classify our Turkish silver Charms by 22 different expressions, like Love & HeartsAnimals & Sea Life and Holidays. Moreover, they have been arranged to serve for many worldwide occasions, like birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day and Women’s Day.

The Charms, which are also good choices for necklaces and anklets, are irreplaceable pieces for a stylish and classy look. Just like the other symbol jewelry, it is believed that a charm brings good fortune to the wearer.

Quantity discounts on the sale prices of individual-design Charm purchases are significant, while the discounts of Charm bundles are better and additional cart discounts applied for over $5.000,00 is the best.