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Charm Dangles Wholesale

Charm Dangle, has a very similar form to that of charms with clasps. The main similarity is that they are both hung onto the snake chain, to make it into a charm bracelet, that means the Charm Dangles and Charms with clasps both have a movement like swinging loosely.

When it comes to the difference, Charm Dangles are hung onto the chain by the help of a roundel (also called rondell) instead of a clasp. The charm is linked to the roundel by a jump ring. The roundel has a 0.18”(4.5 mm)-diameter-hole, through which the snake chain can pass easily.

Babies, animalsnature’s offerings like flowers, plants and fruits are designed as the Charm Dangles, besides the symbols like hearts, crosses and tiny shoes, small accessories and miniature outfits. Birthstone series is also available in this form.

Just Outs, uses several finishing methods for Charm Dangles, two of which are silver plating and oxidizingCrystalsCZ and enamel are the most common complementary materials used to decorate these dangles.

We, as a wholesaler, offer eye-catching lucky charms to complete any kind of outfit; as they fit to anytime and anywhere. Charm Dangles are manufactured in Turkey and are being offered with significant price discounts on