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Earrings Wholesale

Definition of an earring in the dictionary is a piece of jewelry worn on the lobe or the edge of the ear. However, the meaning and significance of a pair of earrings is far beyond this simple statement.

Archeological evidence in the form of wall carvings suggests that Persian (550 – 330 BC) and Ancient Egyptian men wore earrings (1200 – 1186 BC). There are some paintings, dating back to 1550 BC, displaying men and also women wearing earrings.

Just after the discovery of Iceman mummy Ötzi in a valley of the Alps, the history of earrings was updated to 4000 – 3001 BC, he had his earlobes pierced and stretched to between 7 and 11 millimeters.

For a quite long period of time, like centuries, since Biblical and ancient Roman times, ear piercing has been a widespread practice among primitive people all over the world. Tribal people from Africa, South America, Polynesia, Turkey, and elsewhere have been piercing their ears for magical and ritualistic purposes for ages. Many tribal people used to believe that demons can enter the body through the ear. Not too long ago, like 200 years back from today, this belief was the center of curing schizophrenia, for sure the disease has not been defined and named yet, but the schizophrenics were thought to be possessed by some evil spirits and the curers tried to take the demon out of the body from the ear, by the help of a stick or a similar material, penetrated into the ear. They also believed that metal repels evil spirits, so they pierce their ears to keep demons out and wear metal earrings

Further evidence of earrings was found with sailors. Earring in a sailor’s ear meant that he has circumnavigated the world and reached the equator. Sailors also wore earrings in need as means of payment.

Earrings started to be trendy in the Middle Ages and throughout Renaissance, sometimes as a display of wealth and sometimes as a preference by the lower class. They came in and out of fashion between 17th-19th centuries, due to the hair and hair accessories style for women. Especially in the mid 1900’s, as the Women‘s Liberty and Independence movement took place in political and social arena, earrings became a more valuable jewelry, with the capability of offering a large variety of designs. As the women refused to wear the same clothes and jewelry with other women, they began creating their own tastes and styles, which let the jewelry sector develop and produce numerous designs and shapes by using precious metals and precious stones.

In the east, the earrings are named Karn Phul, which means ‘flower in the ear’. As might be expected, they are in the shape of a flower or they are decorated and engraved with flower shapes.

Today, as an ornament, earrings are the most effective jewelry, since they are worn very close to the face and accent attention directly on to the face. Adorning both women and men, they are worn primarily as a fashion accessory to beautify looks. Earrings also help emphasizing personal identity.

Just like other pieces of jewelry, some hidden meanings are attached to the earrings as well. While the women’s earrings were very important to identify marital status, age and rank in history; today they signify elegance, spirituality, innocence and personal taste. On the other hand, men’s earringswere used as a symbol of protesting, rebellion and even of sexual choice, during the sixties and seventies. Today, men use ear piercing as a symbol of youth and freedom and of course as a form of body decoration.

Earrings are one of the first pieces of jewelry someone sees on another person. Thus, choosing earrings to go with the outfit is an essential decision.

As a manufacturer and a wholesaler, it is an important issue for Just Outs is to manufacture many types of earrings, like stud, drop, dangle and hoop earrings, in numerous designs.

Different types of earring closures are available too. Switching type African hook, as the name suggests, comes from the African continent. The hook of the earring extends through the earlobe. The Russian patent and in-pull hook – a pull hook is located in front of the earring – are other options to prevent the accidental removal of the earring from the ear.

Our sterling silver earrings are all made in Turkey by the Turkish craftsmen and offer the highest quality with best prices. Several finishing methods are offered such as rhodium plating, rose gold plating, gold plating, silver plating and oxidation. Along with CZ, a number of different complementary materials are used to decorated the earrings, like enamelcrystalsmarcasite and mother of pearl, for sure.

Individual and bundled earrings purchase are available in only on wholesale purpose.