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Bracelets Wholesale

bracelet is a piece of jewelry, such as an ornamental chain, hoop or band worn around wrist and is one of the most favorite fashion accessories.

Being worn as an ornament, a bracelet can be manufactured in many styles and be decorated with many complementary materials. Jewelry bracelets maycontain precious or semi-precious gemstones, crystalspearl and some other materials. When it comes to the types of braceletscharm bracelets, link bracelets, tennis bracelets, stretch braceletschain bracelets and bangles are always the hot ticket items in the market.

In 1995, the oldest bracelet being found in Turkey, beat the estimates about the history of bracelet. The obsidian bracelet, dating back to about 7,500 B.C. amazed the researchers by the craftsmanship evidence and by the practice of obsidian, which can be defined as a volcanic glass that forms when the lava cools.

As all the other symbol jewelrybracelets may represent a certain phenomenon, such as love of animals, breast cancer awareness, birth signs or they are worn for religious, social and cultural purposes.

In modern times, until 1970’s, the bracelets were only the women’s choice, then men’s bracelets became in fashion by the influence of the freedom movement that surrounded the world.

Just Outs offers various types of bracelets in many styles. We manufacture these bracelets in Turkey with an elaborate handcraftsmanship to honor our ancestors.

Aside from wholesale sterling silver braceletswholesale beaded and base metal bracelets are available in As with the possibility of wholesalebracelets can also be purchased individually, by meeting the minimum quantity requirements.

As the wrist sizes change remarkably, between ages, genders and ethnicity we provide our bracelets in a whole range of lengths. For example, some styles of chain bracelets are for unisex wear, thus we offer lengths starting from 6.5” (16.5 cm) to 8.25” (21 cm). Adjustable bracelets are also sold wholesale for the buyers who especially look for a solution to this wrist size issue.