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Jewelry Wholesale

Looking back in history, we see that adorning the body began with the nature’s offerings. Flowers, leaves, animal bones and even stones were used to decorate the heads and shoulders. They mostly symbolize Gods, the social class and the public duties.

After the discovery of metal and the advancing of craftsmanship, metals like goldsilver and bronze started to be crafted into jewelry.

Very similar to today’s practice; the elaboration on a piece of jewelry was a sign of power and wealth at that time too. Regardless of the date, a goldsmith or a silversmith is supposed to be creative, to have a taste beyond its time, to have a good sight to see the details, to follow the Jewelry trends, to be persevering and patient and to be able to work elaborately and accurately.

The first step to manufacture a piece of jewelry is to visualize the final form of the piece with all the details. Second comes the mold. The silversmith or the designer engraves a block of silver to make it into a mold. Some prefer engraving a block of wax instead. Advancing technologies have been very helpful to the designers, by developing 3D design software. Anyhow, these three methods are still being used in the Turkish Jewelry industry.

The wax mold is placed in plaster and put in an oven until the plaster hardens. During this process, the wax melts and leaks out of the plaster through a hole which is set at the beginning, leaving an empty space. This is the reason why this method is named Lost Wax Casting. A number of wax patterns can be placed in one flask. Afterwards, molten silver is poured into these cavities and the bubbles are removed by vacuuming or centrifugal force according to the type of the machine.

In a couple of minutes, the plaster flask is thrown into cold water. Putting the flask in water after waiting it to cool down is another common method. Water helps the plaster loosen and split off the silver. As the silver pieces come out of the flask as the exact replicas of the initial wax patterns, they are ready for the next process.

Next, the silver pieces are sanded, polished, plated and if needed, linked to other pieces to form a finished piece of Silver Jewelry.

This whole hard work behind the beautiful Turkish Silver Jewelry makes Turkey a leading country in global jewelry market.

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