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Sterling Silver Products Wholesale

Fine silver is 99.9% pure and more, however, it is not possible to turn it into jewelry as it is, because it bends and breaks easily. This too soft fine silver is mixed with copper which is the best metal to alloy with silver, to give it some strength. Thus, the purity is decreased to 92.5% or more, and that’s known as 925 Silveror Sterling Silver. Shortly, 925 refers to the percentage of pure silver relative to the alloy.

This noble metal is a strong alternative to white gold, with its relatively inexpensive cost and its similar look. Being a malleable and durable material, it helps us create a wide range of jewelry designs, either flamboyant or modest. Thus, it is an available metal for manufacturing both everyday jewelry and chic, fancy jewelry.

Sterling Silver doesn’t contain any metals that can cause allergic reactions such as nickel or lead.

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