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Silver Plated Jewelry Wholesale

Silver Plating is the process of putting a silver coating on a silver article by using an electric current. The purposes of Silver Plating are to improve the appearance of our jewelry and to protect them against tarnish and corrosion.

After a piece of jewelry to be plated, is thoroughly cleaned of grease and dirt, it is put in an electrolytic bath. A fine silver (99.9% pure) ingot is connected to the anode (positive ions terminal) along with a conductor, and the piece of silver jewelry is attached to the cathode (negative end of electricity). All are dipped into the solution and when the electric current starts flowing, the ions get attracted to the cathode and the plating is deposited on the surface of the silver piece of jewelry.

The thickness of the silver plating we practice, is nearly 0.0004” (0.01 mm).

Just Outs offers a great number of wholesale Silver Plated silver jewelry at with many variations and options.