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Assorted Expression Wholesale

Just Outs, manufactures and wholesales a great number of products, in terms of jewelryaccessories and homeware. In order to organize them, we made a classification – other than the categories – depending on the phenomena they signify, and we named them the Expressions.

However, some of our products do not have a specific figure, or do not reflect any specific expression. Anyhow, they are completing the other Expressionproducts. That means, they can fit to any situation. Thus, we decided to keep them under the Assorted expression.

Round crystal charms, spiral dangle charms, colorful charm beads, simple one-row stoppers, any type of chainsCZ braceletsCZ necklacesrings and necklaceswith semi-precious stones, hoop earringsCZ stud earrings, and many more can be examples for jewelry under the Assorted expression. This expression also covers the homeware without any symbolic meaning, like plain mugs.

Just Outs wholesales the Assorted expression products on and offers quantity discounts along with the additional cart discounts for bundled packs.