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Accessories & Shoes & Outfits Expression Wholesale

The women who are into fashion, like to add pieces of tiny silver shoes, purses, dresses and hats to their charm bracelets.The only hidden meaning behind the products of this expression, is related to the shoes. According to an ancient Chinese tradition, the smaller her feet were, the more attractive the woman was, which meant an attractive woman could marry easily and give birth to her children. The Chinese woman were wearing a special type of shoes, called Lotus shoes, for feet binding, to stop the growth of their feet. The shape of these shoes was similar to that of silver ingots. Thus, shoes were symbolizing fertility and wealth at the same time.Today, high heel shoes and flip-flops are in fashion and took their place in the charm collections.Just Outs manufactures various charm dangle designs including high-heels, flip-flops, baby shoes with vivacious crystals and enamel. Baby shoes are also believed to bring good luck, in many cultures.Moreover, we offer small miniatures of accessories of our daily lives, such as, sun glasses, hats, purses, and umbrellas in the form of jewelry.Silver beads and charms resembling real outfits, like t-shirts and dresses are also in our range.Jewelry pieces carved into the shapes of real accessories, shoes and outfits are offered on, on wholesale purpose only.