About Us

We, a civil engineer and a computer programmer founded SILVERUS in 2006. We have become one of the Turkish leading wholesalers along the past 10 years, in designing, manufacturing and exporting  lifestyle, modern sterling silver jewelry as well as the oriental and authentic jewelry of historical Turkish culture. Besides, we carry Turkish handicrafts and souvenirs.

In 2009, we came the 21st in the highest tax payers list in its area and were awarded an honor certificate by the Tax Office of Istanbul.

JUST OUTS is our newest brand, serving online to wholesalers around the world exclusively.

Consisting of in-house and outsourced goods, the range is getting wider everyday. Thus, we effectively provide high quality, affordable prices and precise delivery timing.

Our Mission

JUST OUTS team supply newly-manufactured, trendy jewelry, accessories, souvenirs and home decors directly to the retailers and the wholesalers around the world. We minimize the costs and time by excluding any agents in between and avoid extra charges, under the guarantee of perfect scheduling and on-time shipment.

Briefly, we, JUST OUTS team provide direct order-shipment relation between the manufacture line and the customers.

Our Vision

We, JUST OUTS team intend to provide our wholesale customers the best online shopping experience from beginning to end, with a smart, searchable website, clear and secure payment methods, fast delivery and a great variety of high quality, trending goods manufactured in Turkey.

Our major objective is to fulfil the demands of the market whilst keeping an eye on the principle of profit. We believe this is the way to be a globally leading company.

We will accomplish our vision when any wholesaler, around the world, of any merchandise, gets in touch with us, JUST OUTS first, asking for an idea to be realized.