Just Outs Wholesale

Throughout history, all the men and women always felt the need to adorn their bodies and their living spaces. This behavior might have arisen from the natureof human, who instinctively is fond of beauty and good look.

People started to adorn themselves by using what they were offered by the nature, such as flowers, leaves and stones. Even the animal bones and teeth were the ornaments of ancient people’s bodies.

While adorning their living spaces, the first humans added beauty to their area by using the same materials for decoration.

As today’s modern women and men, we are following the very same route with our ancestors and we are adorning our bodies and the places we live and work, by possessing pieces of jewelryaccessories and homeware, according to our tastes.

Thus, these above-mentioned industries are highly important in the world’s economy. As a part of this big value, Just Outs, contributes by designing, manufacturing and wholesaling the products of these fields and is a proud brand of Silverus Ltd.

We have been exporting our products for a long time, and now, being an experienced manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter, we are presenting our work on electronic platform named www.justouts.com. As the name implies, we are here to manufacture new designs every now and then, launch novelties and export the products which are “just out”.

Our major goal is being the number one supplier for all the entrepreneurs, i.e., retailers and wholesalers, around the world. Providing a synthesis of innovation and trends, with a serious professional approach, is our main principle.

As for our product range; we have three main categories, which are JewelryAccessories and Homeware.

Jewelry embraces all the products which we use as body ornaments; namely braceletsnecklacesearringsrings, anklets, chainspendants, and the charms. The lucky charm collection is quite strong and wide, involving charm bracelets and components, such as charmsbeads, stopper, dangles and chains. The biggest share of our products is sterling silver; however, we also offer base metal jewelry (faux bijoux).

Accessories are comprised of products which we possess for personal use. They also feature adorning qualities and designed to embellish our daily lives and to provide comfort. Pursesmakeup bagscell phone holderspassport holderswalletsbookmarksnotebookspencil casesmouse pads and keychains can be rated among the accessories.

Homeware is the collective name for any product which is used to decorate our homes and workplaces. Some of them also serve other purposes. Ceramicbowls and mugs can be used as both tableware and decoration. Wall decors, like hangings, are prevalent decorative elements for inner spaces.

Just Outs, manufactures these products in Turkey and wholesales worldwide. The products can be purchased by considering the minimum order quantity requirements. Furthermore, we prepare bundle packs by gathering the products sharing a common feature, like the type, the color, the material, the complementary material, the finishing, the expression and/or the occasion.

We offer quantity discounts and bundle pack discounts, separately. And before the checkout, additional cart discounts apply to the amounts over $5,000; with increasing rates in proportion to the increase in the cart amount.